Metalex MTX1-06

This car was must to replace another Metalex’s car — MTX 1-03. It was based on experimental MTX 1-04. Vatslav Pauer (constructor) made new light weight frame and new aerodynamics which made in association with Institute for Aviation Research and Testing in Letnany. Suspension was based on MTX 2-03 spider construction. First cars didn’t have advantage over another cars — Avia, RAF, but racing experience did help to create new more effective car — MTX 1-06B (aka MTX 1-07) in 1983. A total of 21 cars made.


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3D modelling
Yuriy Zhabin, Alexey Cheshenok, Karel Marciniszyn

2D artists

Yuriy Zhabin, Karel Marciniszyn


Dmitriy Alekseev, Yuriy Zhabin


Yuriy Zhabin

Test drivers

Dmitriy Gapeta, Nickolay Osipov

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