Estonia-25 was the first TARK car with a monocoque and a pus-rod suspension. It also used gas-filled shock absorbers for the first time. Monocoque for cars was gathered on the Kamov Helicopter Plant. The project was started in 1987, and the first cars began racing in 1990. Cars performed in races for classes F-1600 and Scandinavian F-4. The gearbox was, as usual, based on the ZAZ-968. Car had got Lada 2106, 2108 and VW Golf GTI engines.

The car had very high price, therefore, in 1991, a version of Estonia-25.20 was created with a tubular frame, which was almost half the price. The collapse of the USSR led the TARK (Kavor) to a difficult situation. USSR Championship disappeared, so the demand for racing equipment fell. In total 66 cars were made (18 with a monocoque). Cars were used in the championships of the USSR, Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic countries and Scandinavia. Now they are used in retro races of the countries in Eastern Europe (HAIGO), Russia (MCGP) and the Baltic.


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3D modelling
Yuriy Zhabin, Kunos

2D artists
Yuriy Zhabin, Kunos

Yuriy Zhabin, Dmitriy Alekseev, Kunos

Yuriy Zhabin

Test drivers
Konstantin Starikov, Edward Boldok

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